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How do I get the toys each month?
Cape Town families have the option to collect from a conveniently located pickup point (Wynberg or Gardens). Alternatively, we can delivery to a work/home address (available through-out South Africa).

How much does it cost?
If you collect, it's R249/month. If we deliver, it's R299/month for Western Cape, and R349/month for national (standard courier conditions apply, available between work hours).

Am I tied to a contract?
For you to really experience the benefit of monthly toy rentals, we have a three month minimum subscription. After this trial period, it's month-to-month and you can cancel at any time. Payment is via EFT (bank details will be provided). We also offer a free month for any referrals so once you've tried the service, why not tell all your mom friends about it!

How many toys will we get each month?
Each toy bag will contain R700’s worth of toys, on average. You will get a varied selection, chosen by the Smart Toy Club moms and can expect between 4 and 6 toys each month depending on the retail value of the toys in your bag. You will not get the same toy more than once, unless you specifically request it.

What ages do you cater for?
We cater for kids from 6 months to 5 years. Looking at our existing Smart Kids, most of them joined the Smart Toy Club when they were about 7 to 8 months old but we believe all children are different and we have had new members signing up from 4 months!

What types of toys will we get?
We believe children need a variety of toys to keep them engaged. Our toy inventory includes battery operated noisier toys (which you’ll be delighted to return after a month!), educational toys, wooden toys, trendy tech toys (such as Leap Frog), books, puzzles and games. We search for toys from a wide variety of stores, markets and online shops to ensure an interesting and effective diversity of toys. We only stock reputable brands, so that our members can be assured that the toys are safe and appropriate for their children.

Can I choose the toys?
Unfortunately not, but this is part of the fun! Parents and children are surprised by the monthly selection, also ensuring that your child is exposed to toys that you may not necessarily have chosen if you were in a toy store. We encourage you to let us know if there are certain types of toys you’d like us to consider. Please note that while you can request a toy, we will not be able to guarantee that exact toy in your next bag due to toys being out with other members, but we will put aside for your next bag.

How do you clean your toys?
We take the business of ensuring toys are cleaned and sterilized very seriously. Before you receive any toys from us they have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Some toys are soaked in Milton, rinsed and dried. Others, such as battery operated toys and books, are wiped thoroughly with anti-bacterial wipes, guaranteeing toys that are cleaner than any received from a retail shop.

What about batteries?
Most of our toys come with batteries when we purchase them, but when these run out we replace with rechargeable alternatives. The batteries are checked before the toys go out to our members, ensuring you never have to worry about this :-) We feel very strongly about the use of rechargeable batteries, and also dispose of old batteries through the appropriate recycling channels.

What happens if my child breaks one of the toys?
We know how strong little hands can be, so we purchase very durable toys for our inventory. Rest assured, we can honestly say that breakages are very rare due to our kids stress testing them ;-) If a toy happens to break, you will be required to pay for it. However, we encourage your children to enjoy the toys, and a few scratches here and there are to be expected.

What happens if my child loves one of the toys and wants to keep it?
No problem! If you want to keep it for an additional month, this will be taken into account when we make up your next bag of toys. If you want to keep it indefinitely, we will happily sell it to you!

What happens when I can’t find one of the toys?
We know the feeling! There are a few ways we can handle this and you let us know which suits you best. Either we treat it as a ‘my child wants to keep it for another month’ or we treat it as a ‘my child wants to keep it indefinitely’ and you pay the replacement value. If you happen to find the toy at a later stage and are still a club member, you can return it and we’ll reimburse you for it.

What do you do with toys which have done their rounds?
Toys which we think are no longer suitable for our members are retired. If appropriate and still in good working order, we donate to underprivileged mothers we know. If you have any organisations you would like to see supported, please let us know.

What about the boxes of toys I have already that we no longer use?
We would love to help you with this! For R50 we can come and collect unused toys from your home. If you have any good quality toys lying around, you are welcome to send us photos, and once reviewed, if appropriate, we can buy these from you (at 50% of the retail price).

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